Engagement with the Kwabre East Municipal Education on School Health Service

On the 11th /02/22 We paid a visit to kwabre east education office to reaffirm School Health Service(SHS) in schools within the municipality and beyond. School is considered as a place for learning where children learn not only subjective knowledge but also lifestyle practices and health seeking behaviors. And this is why Public Health Service has created a brunch which focuses on promoting the well being on students and their education for healthful living.

A school health service refers to all activities that contribute to the initiation, maintenance and improvement of the health of students and personnel. The aim is to promote, protect, improve and maintain the health of school children and staff in order to reduce morbidity(disease state) and mortality (state of death among them. This is the focus of our patriotic organization. Withope foundation is in to rejuvenate all helpful policies which have been neglected.
A healthy man is a potential man and we have volunteered to carry that cross ✊

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