Another transformational session of our health promotion mission went down at Shaft FM (Obuasi) successfully. Once again Withope Foundation joined AGAMAL with the support of the Global Fund to elaborate on the vitality of Malaria prevention.

Efforts are being made every day to let people know why their health should be their number one priority. We do so through door-to-door visits, organizational visits school visits, and media platforms. Our Impact has subsided ever-growing diabetes and hypertension to the possible minimum as people now consider the health benefits of their diet and daily lifestyle activities, and we have channeled the same energy into Malaria prevention.

Our new project of supporting AGAMAL to collaboratively control the spread of Malaria had another vital step, as we elaborated on the history of malaria, the nature of Mosquitoes, and why we find it difficult to invent a vaccine for it.

Malaria is known to be one of the oldest disease conditions in the history of man, dating back to ancient civilizations in Greece and China. History proves that Malaria once upon a time, almost collapse the Roman empire. Also, Rev. James Mckeownwho came to Ghana to join the Christ Apostolic Church in the early 90s but was sacked away to his country by this same malaria before he came decades later to institute Assemblies of God Church and later left again to establish the Church of Pentecost. This show how destructive the Plasmodium parasite can be.

Malaria is from the words ‘mal’ and ‘aria’ meaning bad air. The interpretation of the disease came in the ancient days before researchers later found the causative insect to be Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are mostly vegetarians but the females need protein from human blood to aid their production of eggs and by so doing, they leave the plasmodium parasite in the human bloodstream after it has drawn enough blood for itself

The WBC is unable to fight these parasites because they rap themselves with the liver cell membrane which beats the identification of our immunity. Also, their outer protein keeps on changing its nature, which also beats the recognition of the WBC. The WBC could sense an alteration in our system but are unable to identify the culprits (plasmodium parasite) because of this stubborn changing nature.

This same unstable nature of the Plasmodium parasite has made it difficult for scientists to coin an effective vaccine to protect humans from it.


We then entreat Adanseman and Ghana at large to patronize the efforts of AGAMAL and Global Fund to collectively fight this deadly disease condition. Let’s welcome the spraying team in our homes to pray our rooms routinely to control the breeding of Mosquitoes.

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