A non- governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit making organization
Motto: A healthy man is a potential man.
To strengthen primary health care by specifically reducing the chronicity of Hypertension and Diabetes through education and screening, to elevate the vulnerable to a better health care services through funding and also to reshaped dietary habits to constitute a healthy living
To contribute towards people’s wellbeing by screening and educating them on various chronic health conditions, specifically Hypertension and Diabetes and also help raise funds to finance people with chronic health problems to access quality health care.

Values Of The Organization
. Results- oriented
. Objectivity
. Accountability
. Efficiency
. Transparency
.Respect for diversity

To conduct free routine health screening foe the general public as a way to reduce health conditions getting chronic out of ignorance.
To offer preventive health education to the general public
To financially assist the poor with health problems and also strategize innovative solutions to basic social challenges which are connected to our health
Strategic Objectives of Withope Foundation
. To promote and support Hypertension and Diabetes corners in various health facilities.
. To extend our health education to everyone with the aid of social media platforms
. Empower health workers to engage their communities with health education and screening to maximize awareness creation
. To equip the masses with Sphygmomanometers and Glucometers to primarily keep themselves in routine check.
. To empower social organizations like churches and schools to include health topics in their activity plan
. To control substanve abuse with strategic and effective measures.

Community based programs, health campaigns and the media plays a very significant role in spreading information and raising awareness on different health issues, most especially disease prevention and health amplification in the large population. They help to change and influence public opinion and behavior on an issue. This can lead to pressure on the local policy actors, which therefore indicates that community based projects can indirectly influence decision makers as well. Furthermore, health promotion programs or projects play a role as an advocacy tool. Withope Foundation focuses on health promotion and awareness creation on Hypertension and Diabetes which is the most common health problems among age 45 and above in Ghana base on our research we undertook in 2020. The project is specified to target the old ages especially those in less privileged communities to access our routine screening on Hypertension and Diabetes. We also majorly target the youth in our health education to reshape their dietary and daily living habit to prevent being victimized with these conditions in future, as we know Hypertension and Diabetes are not sudden conditions but rather builds up gradually from unhealthy lifestyles. This vibrant initiative (dietary education) has gone a long way to influence the dietary regimen of some schools like Adanwomase Senior High School, Kofi Agyei Basic School in Kwabre East municipality as they have replaced spicy products with raw natural vegetables and also control the sugary additions in their daily breakfast, all with the aim of reducing the risk of the students being victimized by chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension in future. With the help of funds from my private coffers, contributions from the board members and the head pastor of Christ Apostolic Church (Nkwanta), we have been able to visit about 20 schools, 10 churches, 12 big market centers, Anhwia police station, Tafo municipal assembly and homes of less privileged ones to affect lives massively with our charitable programs. Through this project about 100 people have realized their positive status on hypertension and diabetes and are now responding fairly to treatment. We also have three patients in a very critical situation which we hope to fund their health cost to put smiles on their faces ones again.


Withope Foundation is a non-profit organization in Ghana, registered under the registrar generals department and also under the social welfare and non-profit organization secretariat (NPOS) under the ministry of gender, children and social protection. The organization started its charitable activities in September 2020 but had our official registrations and documentations in 2021. Our activities include education on chronic health issues, specifically Hypertension and Diabetes, health screening, donation of basic text kits like Sphygmomanometers and Glucometers, special dietary education, funding of people with chronic health conditions, organizing health seminars for institutional leaders and strategizing solutions to basic social challenges which are connected to health. We have over 100 health professionals who have volunteered to steer this vision to its full capacity.

In April 2020, I started my profession as a hospital nurse at Tafo Government Hospital in the Ashanti Region- Ghana after I received my three years study at Kumasi nursing and midwifery training college and clinical training at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. Throughout my clinical study in Komfo Anokye, I was designated for the checking and recording of vital signs of patients. I personally followed the pattern of the outcome of various vital signs checked and realized that, about 80% of people in the age of 45 and above always have an abnormal blood pressure level and blood glucose level. This situation looked very alarming to me because hypertension and diabetes are slow killers and with such statistics looked extremely horrible. I continued this study when I was posted to Tafo Government Hospital emergency unit; there too, I recorded the same statistics when I check the vital signs of patients but to make it worse I realized about 50% of patients who were rushed in to seek emergency health care were suffering from complications of hypertension and diabetes, (hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes kito acidosis). Most of these patients lost their lives in the process which got me wondering how to bring this situation to the lowest minimum.
This led me to a vivid research on these conditions and came out with the findings that , Hypertension and Diabetes are not conditions you get suddenly but as you expose yourself to its predisposing factors like, too much consumption of salt, fatty meat, eating late, sedentary lifestyles, high intake of cholesterol, substance abuse, stress and also smoking of tobacco and alcoholism from our youthful age, it gradually affect our heart rate and blood vessels which manifest as hypertension when we get aged and our system become less defensive. Diabetes also has a similar line of cause which has to do with over consumption of sugary products, starchy foods, sleeping immediately after eating, not exercising and alcoholism.
However there are other uncontrolled predisposing factors which are family history, obesity, race, age, chronic heart problems and chronic pancreatic conditions, but Withope foundation believes if we are able to address the lifestyle causes, we will have a massive reduction in the statistics of these conditions.
Also most of the health problems we face each day are as a result of social challenges which we have less control over. Our survey we took at Nyamebekyre in Asunafo North Municipality declared a very horrible water source to the entire community which obviously would expose them to health challenges, and to this effect Withope Foundation was instituted.


We have come out with innovative ideas which we strongly believe will yield effective results as a remedy for the above mentioned health challenge.
Firstly, it was established that educating the general public on the causes, symptoms and prevention of these conditions would be the best primary remedy. To this effect we have visited over 10 schools (Adanwomase Senior High School, Goodness Academy, Umari Ibin Khatab School Tafo, Precious Academy Yasore, Kofi Agyei School Bampenase, Great Faith Academy Kokoben, Roman School Fawoade, etc), 15 churches, Christ Apostolic Church (Fawoade, Yasore, Medoma, Goaso Manhyia, Nkwanta, Mim), Pentecost Church ( Fawoade, Mamponteng, Asenua, Nyanhyreniase etc) , 4 big market places(Asenua Market, Fawoade Market,Goaso Market, Tafo Market) and 2 fun clubs in Kwabre East( NPP youth wing Yasore and Mamponteng) to give them detailed education on how to prevent these chronic health conditions. Dietary regimen and daily living habits of our attendees have also gone through very positive reforms to suit our daily health requirements. Again we visit people in the comfort of their homes to give them detailed education with emphasis on their dietary habit, exercise, stress control and the health risk of tobacco use and alcoholism to reduce the risk of being victimized by these distorting conditions, as samples of our previous projects can be testified on our social media platforms (withope_foundation) on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Telegram, Liinkedin and twitter(@withope_found), which your donations will help us continue with it. Also we will project these educative tips on our social media platforms to extend our audience.
Another important measure we undertake is routine screening. Many people are hypertensive and diabetic but shows no sign or symptom till it gets to the chronic stage. Due to this we provide free diabetes and hypertension screening for them. This has come out with a massive result as 100s of people confirmed their positive status in the respective health conditions and are now responding fairly to treatment. We will then provide same free services for the above listed institutions. We will check the blood pressure level, blood sugar level and physical examinations like numbness of the extremities, palpitation, visual disturbances, dyspnea, fatigue, polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, and skin lesions or wounds to keenly monitor their status for early detection and treatment.
We also donate text kits like sphygmomanometers and glucometers for them to personally put themselves to check routinely. This is to help create very effective awareness on Hypertension and Diabetes.
Again, we help people with chronic health conditions financially to assess quality health care and also provide innovative solutions to social problems which are connected to health, such as poor water system, climate change, poor drainage system, outmoded cultures which have health risks, etc.