♥Like we always do, we had another session of health education on Shaft Fm-Obuasi, and this time around we went as two collaborated heads (Withope Foundation and AGAMal) to have a better impact on the people of Adanseman and Ghana at large.

Malaria has been a serious killer for ages and still remains the most diagnosed disease in our healthcare facilities. Todah Hospital, which happens to be one of the best hospitals in Obuasi certifies this statistics, as Malaria always dominates their monthly diagnoses analysis. This situation has drawn the attention of the Withope Foundation to give it an inked approach, by centering our media health education programs on the causes, symptoms, and prevention of this distorting disease condition.

This insightful plan can’t be fully effective in Obuasi and its neighboring communities, without the acknowledgment of AGAMal, the leading Malaria fighters in Ghana.
Agamal is an Eighteen years old Non Governmental Organization, which has patronized the fight of Malaria throughout the enclaves of Obuasi and other parts of Ghana. The organization focuses on Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) and also educates the public on other Malaria preventive measures.
Their patriotic efforts on Malaria fight inspired us as a health promotion team to tie the knot with them and have a bigger voice together.

We commenced our beautiful collaboration on Shaft FM 98.1 (Obuasi) on 19th May 2023 to have a special health promotion session on Malaria Education.
Here, we hammered the lifesaving impact of the IRS program by the AGAMal and encouraged every citizen to take advantage of it to protest against Mosquito habitat. A lot of people often turn blind eyes to this exercise, probably because they don’t know the degree of risk Mosquitoes impose on us.
Therefore, Withope Foundation took over and addressed Malaria medically, by spelling out the pathophysiology of the condition, the cause, predisposing factors, symptoms, differential diagnoses and preventive measures against it. Here, we discouraged self medication, and advised everyone to report any symptom of Malaria to the nearest healthcare facility.

Again we disclosed the detrimental statistics of Malaria and why we can’t take its fight for granted. Here, we echoed the fact that, Malaria takes life away every 30 seconds according to the World Health Organization report, and generally kills one to three million people every year. In fact 80% of the fetal victims of Malaria are children under five years. This makes it very important to come together as a team and fight this battle aggressively.

Like we always say, education is the primary line of therapy and must be given a special attention. If you have a full knowledge on the cause of a particular health problem, you then have the power to stay protected. But out of ignorance, we are always victimized by avoidable diseases.
Therefore we encourage Schools, churches, mosques, organizations, etc to reach out to us to charitably come to your aid with our health screening and education services.

We then plead with cooperate entities who value our patriotic impact, to join hands with us to fight this course together.
You can reach Withope Foundation on +233543313978/ +233596859293. Also, you can Email us on withopefoundation@gmail.com.

Better still, you can donate to us through our Cal bank account, Account name: Withope foundation LBG, Account Number: 1400005892114. Mobile Money Number :0540460886, MOMO Account name Withope foundation LBG.

Withope Foundation : Your health is the fuel to your potentials.

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