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A non- governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit making organization

Motto: A healthy man is a potential man.

To contribute to public health operations through education and screening to warrant it’s befitting status as the primary line of therapy in our health care system


Our mission is to contribute towards people’s wellbeing through education, screening, counseling, elevating the vulnerable to better health care services through funding, reshaping dietary habits to meet WHOs standards, and finally, research on climatic fluctuations and their relation to our health.

This great initiative came about in 2019 when the CEO of the organization; Mr. Abeka Isaac Osofo was having a clinical study at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and Tafo Government Hospital. There, He researched why lifestyle-caused chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes and narcotic-induced mental diseases are out of control. He then came out with a concrete conclusion of “IGNORANCE AND NEGLIGENCE” being the backbone of this detrimental situation 

For example about 60% of patients who are over 45 years in Ghana test positive to hypertension and diabetes, and this dreadful statistics can only be controlled through consistent education and awareness creation on the lifestyles that put as to risk. Of course, there are other technical causes of these health problems but as a famous saying goes “we are what we eat”, so our daily lifestyle including our diets are very key.

Health information is like the word of God, it may be the same known message but sounds new and intriguing every single day. A person can be educated on the right diets to rule out diabetes, but will only put it to practice for some weeks and resume his/her old acts. This is purely human behavior. With this, Withope Foundation believes consistent awareness creation is the innovative key to keeping a healthy society. The CEO Mr. Abeka Isaac Osofo shares his testimony of battling substance addiction year’s ago and confirms that consistent education and counseling did the magic. 

We have heard it before but we need to hear it all the time to keep us on our toes, just as we go to our various religious grounds to revive our respective believes every week, the same approach has been adopted by Withope Foundation and this makes us a vital assert to public health. 

We are the friends of students, churches, mosques, market people, and every organization, and ready to charitablyinject health tips into their activities to promote a healthy life.

Withope Foundation: A Healthy Man Is A Potential Man


  • To conduct free routine health screening for the general public as a way to reduce health conditions getting chronic out of ignorance.
  • To offer preventive health education to the general public
  • To financially assist the poor with health problems and also strategize innovative solutions to basic social challenges which are connected to our health.
  • to offer constructive counseling  with emphasis on eradicating superstitious attribution to scientific issues in Ghana.
  • To dominate the media space with health educative messages 
  • To collaborate with other health promotion organizations to have a louder voice on disease prevention strategies