From The Executive’s Corner (Withope Foundation). Mental Health Awareness Month

There’s been a lot of focus on crime and its tie to mental health issues in the headlines. This month, being Mental Health Awareness Month, we decided to touch on the subject as it perhaps affects all communities worldwide. Our cover story, “Bully Aware” by Titia Niehorster, talks about the long-lasting effects of bullying on our lives.

Mental Health should be treated as essential and given the same amount of care as physical health for the overall well-being of our lives. It affects how we think, feel, and how we handle stress. Families, employers, and friends can help by actively listening and asking, “Are you feeling okay?” This can help identify what is upsetting someone and give those who need it a gentle prod to seek professional help.

Many factors can affect our mental health, and we have seen this through the last two years of a pandemic and other crises around the world. Work-life balance is also important and not only for us to recognize but for employers to understand and offer a workplace culture that doesn’t place added stress on employees.
Mental health has been tied to heart disease so remember that your sense of well-being is important. It also helps with self-esteem, being more productive, and a sense of inner peace. Seek professional help or reach out to your family physician before symptoms are overwhelming.
Withope Foundation is proud to be supporting Aline Pelka (GGAF Poland) and YORGHAS Foundation with birthing kits which are being sent to hospitals in Ukraine where these are desperately needed. Thank you to all of our donors for helping to make this happen.

Withope Foundation continues to grow with many presenters doing such wonderful work by sharing the program with teachers, social workers, the children, and more. A massive thank you to Abeka Isaac Osofo for creating such a vital program and continuing to translate it into many different languages.
As the war in Ukraine continues and families are displaced, Withope Ambassadors share their experience of visiting and helping to arrange items most needed. We appreciate all of your work, Manna Dabholkar, Keith Kirkwood, and Team Gift Global Foundation.
Thank you so much to our supporters and donors as without your support these wonderful initiatives wouldn’t be taking place. We sincerely thank every one of you.
Thank you to all of our ambassadors for the wonderful humanitarian work they are doing to make our world a better place.
Finally, thank you to Abeka Isaac Osofo and Lisa Jones who work hard to publish this magazine each month and bring other countries, cultures, and communities to you. Thank you to our Executive Editor, Richard DiPilla.
If you would like to help support our initiatives, your generosity would be very much appreciated. Any amount can help. Thank you.
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