Early Detection Of Hypertension Gives You A Better Recovery Chance

Withope Foundation is optimistic about promoting the most effective approach that controls hypertension spread rate. Hypertension is one of the most common and deadly chronic conditions in Ghana and the world at large. Its cause remains unclear which makes it difficult to directly protect yourself from it. However, there are some predisposing factors such as high salt, fat, and cholesterol diets, tobacco use, low potassium diet, physical inactivity, etc, which can be controlled to minimize our chances of being victimized by it.

Again one of the most highlighted characteristics of this disease condition, which makes it more complicated is the fact that it sometimes appears asymptomatic. unlike malaria which gives you immediate clear symptoms to enhance urgent approach, hypertension rarely manifests its symptoms in the early stages. you can be hypertensive for about a decade with no clear felt symptoms until it is triggered by other related health conditions.

With this, it is clear that the primary remedy to control the rate of this health challenge is routine check-ups. once there is a continuous check of our blood pressure, alterations will be noticed early to help its management. if the condition stays in your system for a long time, its fight is mostly unsuccessful so it is very vital to keep your status in a routine check.

there is no charge if you just want to monitor your blood pressure in any government hospital in Ghana. therefore we encourage everyone to make it a point to visit the hospital for at least a month to monitor the status of their blood pressure.

Always remember that early detection gives you a better recovery chance, and also note that your health is your most important asset so it must be handled as such.

Every dream of yours can only be disturbed by your health as our motto goes, “A HEALTHY MAN IS A POTENTIAL MAN”

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